• “We live in a web of ideas, a fabric of our own making” - Joseph Chilton Pearce

    A specialty is a skill or a calling that requires specific aptitudes and information of talented work. In a recorded sense, especially as relevant to the Medieval times and prior, the term is normally connected to individuals possessed in little scale generation of products, or their upkeep, for instance by a quilter. The conventional terms skilled worker and craftswoman are these days regularly supplanted by artisan and once in awhile by crafts-person.

  • Whether you are hoping to learn crafting for personal use, for the sake of business for fun, or to impress someone special, here at, Crafty Girls Shop we bring it home to you with suggestion of what to do, what to craft, and the books that will help simplify the art and make your journey into artistry a fun endeavor.

    Prevailing as artisans, we additionally offer everything needed to start up and work your way to being the perfect artisan beadwork or bead crafting, quilting, and ribbonry or even embellishing the entire art. With products from leaders in the industry like Brother, Singer, Tree House Studio, Sew-Ology, the Ribbon Boutique, and much more in a variety of the latest and highly sought after designs and materials, you can rest assured that their is bound to be something to catch anyone's’ attention, no matter their personal styles and preferences.

  • Bead Loom Bracelets each
  • Dritz Quilting Wrist Pin Cushion
  • Art Bin Sew-Lutions Storage Box
  • M & M's Candy Wrapper Jewelry Kit each

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